Only one indicator

Susan Goldman

Susan Goldman, professor of education and psychology

“This is big not only for the university, but what we both wanted was for it to reach the community in Chicago too.”

Curtis Granderson, UIC business grad and New York Mets outfielder, on the opening of UIC’s new Curtis Granderson Stadium, April 17 New York Daily News


“Of course, most people do not understand the reality that probably 98 percent of racism is learned behavior, and maybe 2 percent is due to some serious underlying personality problems.”

Carl Bell, professor of psychiatry, answers the question “Are Racists Mentally Ill?,” April 16 Chicago Tribune


“Our program can review medical records. We can talk to doctors. On occasion, I will go out. And when I do, it’s like having people from CBS News from ’60 Minutes’ come by. It usually means something not so good.”

Michael Naylor, associate professor of psychiatry and director of a state-mandated program that reviews psychiatric medications prescribed to children in foster care, April 16 Denver Post


“Sometimes test scores just don’t tell the whole story; it’s one indicator, and only one indicator.”

Susan Goldman, professor of education and psychology, on judging public schools by students’ performance on standardized exams, April 15 Austin Weekly News


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