Outdoor fun at Welcome Back WinterFest

Winterfest 2016

Students had fun skating in a temporary ice rink in the quad Friday during Welcome Back WinterFest, sponsored by UIC Campus Programs. — Photos: R. Glass

Students braved the elements and gathered in the quad Friday to skate in a temporary ice rink, pose for pictures in a 15-foot snow globe and enjoy free hot chocolate during Welcome Back WinterFest.

The inaugural event, sponsored by Campus Programs, was the official kickoff to spring semester.

Joy Vergara, director of Campus Programs, said the motivation for WinterFest was “to make the weather a part of our backyard for the day.”

Music streamed over students’ spirited chatter – and laughter after slips in the ice rink. Some students visited between classes, while others went to see what all hype was about.

“We wanted to see how they were going to pull off the ice skating rink,” said Temi Akande, a freshman in political science, who went with her friend Victoria Ogunro.

Freshman Celeste Castillo and sophomore Vivienne Eng found time to lace up a pair of ice skates between classes.

“We were let out of class a little bit early and wanted to take advantage of it while we could,” Castillo said.

Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk made an appearance to give away T-shirts. Salim Jabali, a senior in biology, was agile enough to get his hands on one the prizes launched by Tommy Hawk.

“It’s as if my whole life has been leading up to this moment,” Jabali said.

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