People: Awards


Phimon Atsawasuwan, assistant professor of orthodontics in the College of Dentistry, received the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation’s 2015 Biomedical Research Award. 


Luisa DiPietro, professor and director of the Center for Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration in the College of Dentistry, received the Distinguished Service Award from the Wound Healing Society.


Jenny Korn, a doctoral candidate in communication and gender and women’s studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, received the 2015 Internet Research Award from the Carl J. Couch Center for Social and Internet Research for her paper “Genderless Online Discourse in the 1970s: Muted Group Theory in Early Social Computing.”


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs presented Outstanding New Staff Awards to Christine Corral, Career Services, Ana Hoban, International Services, Nastasia Bongcas, Campus Housing, and Danielle Simmons, Counseling Center. Outstanding Staff Awards were presented to Victoria Theodossopoulos, Campus Housing, Rhonda Laylo, Campus Programs, Daphne Francois, International Services, and Jeanette Simons, Counseling Center. Sladjana Grbic, Campus Programs, won the Outstanding Contributions to Student Success Award.

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