Phi Beta Kappa at UIC

Phi Beta Kappa at UIC

Spring Term is the time at which many Honor Societies select undergraduate and graduate candidates for membership.  Some Honor Societies are discipline specific and rely on department faculty members at each hosting institution—or Chapter—to select potential candidates.  Phi Beta Kappa—the national honor society for the Liberal Arts and Sciences—is not discipline specific and thus relies on the resident Phi Beta Kappa members of each Chapter to select undergraduate candidates for election to the Society.  At UIC, the Phi Beta Kappa Chapter is designated as “Iota of Illinois,” and it is comprised of resident UIC faculty, administrators, and professional staff who were elected as undergraduates to Phi Beta Kappa at UIC or elsewhere.  And here, the UIC Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa needs help and will be asking for volunteers to help in the candidate selection process.  If you are a resident UIC faculty member, administrator, or professional staff member elected to Phi Beta Kappa and you have not yet notified our local chapter of your interest in participating in our Chapter activities, you are encouraged to send the Chapter President an e-note with your name, e-mail, and college chapter so that your name may be added to our Chapter Roster.

You may send your information to:

Robert H. Bruhl
President, Iota of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Political Science, MC 276
1007 W. Harrison Street, 1114C BSB
Chicago, Illinois 60007

For more information, please contact:
Robert Bruhl

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