Play co-written by Hispanic studies student to open in cultural center in Peru

Hispanic Studies master’s student Sebastián Eddowes’s co-written play, “Tinta,” is set to open at the end of March at the Centro Cultural PUCP — one of the most important cultural centers in Lima, Peru.

The plot revolves around the most iconic rebellions by an indigenous Peruvian leader against Spanish rule in the 18th century. Túpac Amaru II was the local leader in the town of Tinta. His uprising has inspired many revolutionary movements in Latin America.

Synopsis: Perú, XVIII century. Túpac Amaru II has declared war on the Spanish rule. But the Visitador Areche, commissioned by the King himself, has already arrived in the New World in order to solve “the problem.” Through some very uncomfortable political alliances between the European and the Indigenous leaders, Areche manages to capture the rebels, and the trial is a perfect setting to unpack the real motivations behind the revolution. Is it a heroic act for liberation or is it just the hunger for power?

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