Position: IT Technical Associate at UIC Center for Literacy


Application Deadline: 8/5/19

Position: IT Technical Associate

Tentative Hire Date: Fall 2019

FAmily STart (FAST) Learning and Support Services, a division of the UIC Center for Literacy (CFL) in the College of Education, empowers and strengthens Head Start families in Chicago. Our mission is to provide access to high-quality, research-based learning opportunities in collaboration with community partners. Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty and collectively strengthen communities through family learning services. Learn more about CFL FAST at cfl.uic.edu

The IT Technical Associate position provides technical expertise and support for operating systems and equipment configurations at UIC Center for Literacy Program Sites. This includes the implementation and maintenance of the Center’s IT ticketing system, operating systems and software components, providing assistance in the development and assessment of hardware and software, recommending equipment and software, and providing technical guidance with regard to proper data processing methods, performance standards, security measures, and systems analysis.

Duties may include designing data processing systems and/or hardware configurations, developing system assessment and testing criteria, evaluating user needs, programming systems and subsystems, developing documentation to support any new systems or system modifications, and developing/monitoring security protocols. Also included may be some supervisory activities for more complex projects and training of user groups or other IT staff.

Tasks may include:

General Technological Expertise

  • Provide technical expertise in computer programming, database administration, network administration, etc. to address server maintenance tasks and troubleshoot network problems.
  • Coordinate Center for Literacy IT ticketing system to identify, track, and efficiently address computer issues.
  • Identify and prioritize replacement of computers, parts, and printers at program sites.
  • Create technical documentation and user manuals for software applications.
  • Oversee, monitor, and maintain current IT inventory levels; performs physical count of inventory, and reconciles actual stock count to computer-generated reports.
  • Ability to Install new, modified, or third-party software releases and/or updates. 

Computer Programming:

  • Analyze, develop, test, and/or modify hardware and software solutions to meet user and/or systems integration requirements.
  • Design user-friendly interfaces to systems, applications and databases.
  • Long-term Center goal: Migrate the Center’s database system (PED) to the Center server; manipulate SQL code in order to fix both front end (user interface) & back-end problems/reporting errors.
  • Ability to perform project management using Microsoft Teams and Azure DevOps.

Database Administration:

  • Implement database to optimize data access and security.
  • Design database systems and programs which include access methods, access time, file structure, device allocation, validation checks, and statistical methods.
  • Monitor database standards and procedures, system usage and performance. Troubleshoots and resolves database and data problems.
  • Assist in data transfers or sharing of files.
  • Develop and monitor security protocols associated with restricted access systems.
  • Familiarity with creating data visualization using Microsoft Power Bi, Power Query, and Power Apps.

Network Administration:

  • Develop a plan and timeline for evaluating hardware/software needs
  • Maintain Local Area Network, including installation of computers and workstations on the network, installing hardware and software upgrades, maintaining and monitoring the system to provide optimal quality to the end-users; assist with loading educational platforms such as Google classroom to facilitate instruction; replace outdated databases & recommend and implement database to track patron access to resources
  • Maintain relationships with current software vendors.


  • Maintain communication as necessary (at least weekly) with Center program sites as it pertains to site IT needs.

Policy/Procedure Development:

  • Establish back up protocols; maintain log of key codes and procedures. 


  • Supervise and mentor IT graduate students; maintain a public schedule for IT grads daily assignments/locations; monitors the progress and direction of assigned tasks and make corrections as needed.
  • Determine training needs and provides training opportunities for staff.

Other Duties as Assigned/Additional Related Duties:

  • Develop presentations on current and future plans or services.
  • Makes product and vendor recommendations.
  • Software vendor liaison.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:

  • Two years of progressively more responsible work experience in IT-related profession. AND
  • College course work in Information Technology (IT), IT Management, or a closely related discipline, as measured by the following conversion table or its proportional equivalent:
    1. 60 semester hours or Associate’s Degree equals one year
    2. 90-120 semester hours or Bachelor’s Degree equals two years

(Master’s Degree preferred)


Job Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 4 years’ experience in Application Development is required.
  2. A minimum of 1 years in an IT-related leadership position is required.
  3. Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of creating responsive and dynamic web applications using C#, net, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Azure, and B2MS Virtual Machine, and Knack.
  4. Excellent oral and written communications skills; ability to effectively communicate and professionally interact with all staff levels; ability to effectively communicate with other colleagues, supervisors, administrative staff, and other IT users.
  5. Knowledge of the systems and operations used within the areas and departments of responsibility
  6. Ability to oversee and coordinate activities of user groups.
  7. Ability to identify and resolve technical problems
  8. Experience in HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP
  9. Experience in Windows Server 2012/2016 administration and maintenance (at the MCSA level).
  10. Need to be able to lift and move big, heavy equipment (maximum 75 lbs.)
  11. Position requires travel to CFL FAST off-site locations located primarily in Chicago’s southwest & west side (non-negotiable).
    1. All sites are accessible via bus or train; those who use a vehicle can be reimbursed for mileage.

Please submit a resume, cover letter and 3 references to the following e-mail by 8/5/19: CFL@uic.edu

Subject Line: CFL IT Position

For more information, please contact:

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