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I will get a job. I will get a job. I will get a job.

“Think positively,” they tell me. That’s what I am doing. I have so many stressing things happening in my life. And sometimes I feel like I will never get through this. Think positively, Lauren! I can’t think that way and I have to keep telling myself that I have so many exciting things happening, too.

I am graduating with my master’s degree! I will be moving to a new location in a few months (when I get hired). The holidays are coming up, which always excites me. I have so much to be thankful for. I feel like everything is finally falling into place.

So, to begin my new adventure, I am writing a list of goals that I want to reach in the coming months.

  • Finish student teaching and reflect about experience
  • Start the long Christmas present list of DIY items (I plan to make many of the gifts I’m giving this year a) because I have very limited funds AND b) because I think it’s more meaningful that way
  • Send out résumés endlessly! (I want to get hired.)
  • CPS general interview in December (Get hired!)
  • Get a job
  • Celebrate 2 ½ years of extremely hard work
  • Read a life-changing book (There are so many books out there that people have said really changed the way they viewed the world. I’d love to read an inspiring book like that.)
  • Listen to classical music every day (It just makes life calmer.)
  • Start doing Yoga or Pilates daily (Get into shape.)
  • Get a job
  • Take the time to visit family (This semester, I feel like I haven’t been able to see extended family as much as I would like)
  • Run a 5K (the Ugly Sweater Run again! Pictures to come.)
  • Celebrate 4 years with an AMAZING guy (I’m such a lucky girl.)
  • Do something nice for a complete stranger.
  • Do something for the environment (I’d encourage everyone to do the same. We only get one planet.)
  • Do something in honor of my uncle that passed last year on New Year’s Day
  • Go to the dentist (NOT my favorite one on the list.)
  • Catch up with old friends
  • Get a job
  • AND last but not least
  • Finish watching the shows I’m still trying to catching up on (“Game of Thrones,” “Orange in the New Black”)

It’s amazing what you feel you can accomplish once the stress eases up. I have 4 weeks left until I graduate. That means only 3 more blogs after today.  I want to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with me through it all.


Lauren Muellner (F)

Lauren Muellner will receive her master’s degree in early childhood education with an endorsement in special education in December. She is student teaching in a self-contained special education preschool classroom in Oak Park and working as a part-time nanny. Born and raised in Chicago, Lauren likes culture and adventure. She received her bachelor’s degree in theatre from Columbia College Chicago. She plans to integrate music and theatre into her curriculum and teaching. 




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