‘Power to appreciate’

Steve Sullivan, Project Squirrel, studies gray squirrels in Lincoln Park.

Steve Sullivan, director of Project Squirrel, in Lincoln Park.

“How neat is it to give people the power to appreciate the world around them and the biodiversity that surrounds them?”

Steve Sullivan, Ph.D. candidate in biological sciences and director of Project Squirrel, on why the study enlists “citizen scientists” to observe squirrels, Aug. 21 Chicago Tribune


“We cannot expect our kids to thrive emotionally and academically when they’re living in a culture where maybe everyone is armed or everyone lives in fear all the time. We’ve got to work for common sense regulations and to curb this violence.”

Sheela Raja, psychologist and clinical assistant professor of pediatric dentistry, on how kids can overcome their worries about beginning a new school year, Aug. 22 CBS 2


“It causes chronic pain and causes brain-injury, post-concussion-type symptoms. You and I can filter out distractions and still focus. One of the things we see with lightning and electric[-shock] patients is that ability is scraped off.”

Mary Ann Cooper, professor emeritus of emergency medicine, on people who have been struck by lightning, Aug. 15 Washington Post

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