President Obama’s visit to Cuba

Maria de los Angeles Torres

Maria de los Angeles Torres, professor of Latin American and Latino studies.

“The beauty of being on the table and talking is that you can put things on the table, so I think that this is a tremendous opportunity. How we proceed, I think, will be the question.”


Maria de los Angeles Torres, professor of Latin American and Latino studies, on President Obama’s visit to Havana, Cuba. March 22 WTTW-TV’s “Chicago Tonight”


“It seems like they’ve done their homework about the need and feasibility of it.”


P.S. Sriraj, research associate professor and interim executive director of the Urban Transportation Center at UIC, on a proposed rail line aimed at reducing freight train congestion in the Chicago area. March 21 Chicago Tribune


“It’s very clear that the Affordable Care Act has done most of the work in decreasing the number of uninsured.”

Robert Kaestner, professor of economics, about health care coverage gains. March 21 New York Times



“We all have our quirks. But those little funny quirks don’t necessarily cause us distress, and they don’t cause us to be impaired in our social lives, in our relationships, our jobs [and] our everyday functioning.”


Evelyn Behar, associate professor of psychology, on habits or personality traits that may signify a mental health concern. March 24 U.S. News & World Report



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