Promotion and Tenure Committee election

All tenured or tenure-track faculty members who hold an appointment at greater than 50% time are eligible to vote in the Promotion and Tenure Committee election. The online ballot is accessible through 12 p.m. Monday, October 7, 2019.  Please direct any inquiries about the Promotion and Tenure Committee election to Elizabeth Dooley, Clerk of the Senate at <>, 312-996-2926.

Nineteen faculty members who hold an indefinite appointment at 100% time and the rank of professor are elected by the tenured and tenure track faculty. Each college and school is entitled to one representative except the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Medicine are assigned three seats and the Provost may appoint up to nine additional members to the committee.  Elected members serve three-year terms.

Continuing elected members: Tyrone Forman (LAS-Social Sciences)’21; Phoenix Matthews (NURS)’21; Irena Levitan (MED-C)’21; Jamie Chriqui (SPH)’21; Kheir Al-Kodmany (CUPPA) ’21; Christine Wu (DENT)’20; Maria Hughes (EDUC)’20; Barbara Di Eugenio (ENGR)’20; Heather Prendergast (MED-C)’20; Samuel Fleischacker (LAS-Humanities)’20; Stephanie Crawford (PHARM)’20

Continuing appointed members: George Crabtree (LAS-Natural Sciences) ’21; Dawood Darbar (MED-C)’21; Ghanshyam Pandey (MED-C)’21; Serdar Ogut (LAS-Natural Sciences)’20; Danilo Erricolo (ENGR)’20; Giedrius Subacius (LAS-Humanities)’20; Daniel Cervone (LAS-Social Sciences)’20 

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