Quarter-life crisis

think question blogI can’t help but feel this weird, existential crisis plaguing me as I question life decisions I’ve made and will soon be making.

Yes, I’m talking about the infamous quarter-life crisis, the overwhelming emotional turmoil of self-identity in your 20s that not even your horoscope can predict. As a junior, I’m getting to being thrown into the real world and honestly, it’s the scariest feeling ever.

What I freak out about in one hour: massive student loan debt, future career path, getting internships, part-time jobs, self identity, working up the strength to go to class, the list goes on for.

I know I am not alone on this journey to self-discovery and adulthood so here’s my list of things to help us get through the quarter-life crisis:

Dont lose yourself: Yeah, you go to school 5 days a week and work a part-time job on top of that. Don’t let that stop you from going to art galleries on free days, staying up late with your roommate or joining the club you’ve always been interested in. If you hate your job, quit find a new one. Do what you love. Your potential is greater than you think.

Mental health days: Mental health is so important and critical to self-awareness, happiness and execution. Take days off and get back to your roots when you’re feeling trapped. Mine consist of pizza, lots of water, 90’s movies, and thrifting.

Homework first, then Netflix: Self explanatory. Read that chapter, then watch Game of Thrones.

Stressing about money: Always remember that money is abstract. We tend to give monumental value to a piece of paper. I know I sound like a huge hipster, but it’s true. Money comes and goes. Spend wisely. Sometimes you don’t need that new pair of shoes.

Student loan debt: A bridge we will all soon begin to cross. It’ll be that little portion of your paycheck every month. Beauty of it is that you’re getting a wonderful education most aren’t fortunate to have. God Bless America, right?

Relationships: You are in college! He/she/they might not even be in your life next year. Breathe and think before you act out of your emotions. Even though you are reaching adulthood, you are still younger than you think. Stop acting like you’re married and go on a cute date to the Lyric Opera because student tickets are super-affordable!

Your potential is greater than you think: Your GPA does not define you and one bad test or poor essay is not the end of the world. We are the future doctors, engineers, teachers, and leaders of the world and we have the rest of our lives to be stressed out. But for now and until then, enjoy your 20s.


Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in media, cultural and rhetoric studies. She hopes to practice and master an assortment of mediums, including screenwriting, writing for the New York Times, lifestyle blogging, fiction and radio broadcasting. Bernie has a passion for creating and sharing stories. The heightened diversity of the city atmosphere surrounding UIC is perfect for her. Bernie’s side hobbies are indulging in TV shows (specifically Scandal, Girls and Law and Order: SVU), interior design and Instagram. 






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