‘It has to be available’







“For research to be optimally useful, it has to be available. If we keep it from other people, it’s questionable what the purpose of it is.”

Steve Jones, professor of communication, on the movement toward Internet openness and the death of Aaron Swartz, one of its proponents, who faced federal prosecution for downloading millions of academic journal articles, Jan. 14 Chicago Tribune


“With some families, what you see is shared parenting across the generations and a family adapting in a very positive way, such as helping a young parent going to school care for the child until the parent can assume more of the responsibilities.”

James Gleeson, associate professor of social work, on grandparents raising their grandchildren, Dec. 31 Chicago Tribune


“You might ask some questions about how strict people are. Is it neighborly, is it friendly?”

Evan McKenzie, associate professor of political science, on how potential homebuyers can avoid conflicts with homeowners association governance and enforcement of rules, Jan. 12 Evansville, Ind., Courier-Press


“When the police are respectful, people are more likely to cooperate and report crime. This will put a dent in the no-snitch culture.”

Dennis Rosenbaum, professor of criminology, on a UIC survey of residents’ attitudes toward Chicago police officers, Jan. 10 Chicago Sun-Times

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