Macho moms







“What it’s really saying, is, ‘I do more for my kids than you do for yours.’ It’s ironic because it’s macho, like ‘My life is tougher than yours.’ It’s a competition of self-sacrifice.”

Barbara Risman, professor and head of sociology, on mothers comparing the difficulty of their responsibilities with multiple children versus those with one child, Jan. 17 Yahoo! Shine


β€œIt’s a good opportunity for the county to strategically plan for the use of land owned by the county for the long-term interests of the county.”

Michael Pagano, dean of the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, on Cook County’s new land bank, Jan. 22 Progress Illinois


“In a way, these things are good. They don’t feel good at the time, but they force us to ask these questions and look for ways things can be done differently.”

Dennis Rosenbaum, professor of criminology, law and justice, about steps to maintain police integrity after three undercover suburban officers were arrested on drug conspiracy charges, Jan. 27 Daily Herald

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