Murder capital







“New York’s murder rate dropped drastically, most other cities in the country’s murder rate has dropped drastically. Chicago has become the murder capital.”

Political science professor Dick Simpson on the public and political pressure to address violence in Chicago, Feb. 3 ABC7


“The field of unearthing history is not only the job of the historian, it’s not just the job of the journalist. It’s actually the job of the poet too.”

Roger Reeves, assistant professor of English, and recent National Endowment for the Arts literary fellowship winner, on his latest project, an 1885 race riot in Wyoming, Jan. 30 RedEye


“It’s a social issue. It’s not just a medical issue.”

Damiano Rondelli, professor of medicine and director of the blood and marrow transplant programat UI Hospital, on stem cell transplants to cure sickle cell disease, Jan. 29 WGN-TV News


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