Spidey sense

“We humans have the senses that we are born with and we can’t extend them. But there are some threats which are very deadly, but we can’t sense them, like radiation. Electronic sensors can feel those threats.”

Victor Mateevitsi, doctoral candidate in computer science, describes the “SpiderSense” suit he created, Feb. 22 New Scientist


“Whereas teachers have this public profile, the nondescript, hardworking people behind counters somewhere, reading a file, addressing a complaint, people never come in contact with them.”

Robert Bruno, professor and director of the Labor Education Program, on why there might be less public support for a strike by Illinois state employees than Chicago teachers, Feb. 24 Peoria Journal Star


“There is a real potential for a long-term downshift in wages across the country.”

Howard Wial, executive director of the Center for Urban Economic Development, on the danger of two-tier wage systems, Feb. 25 The Nation

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