Tolerate vegetables


“Kids hear a lot of negative messages about healthy eating. When we say things like ‘you have to eat your brussels sprouts before you get any dessert,’ we are sending a message that vegetables are something to be tolerated, not enjoyed.”

Sheela Raja, assistant professor and clinical psychologist in pediatric dentistry, on getting children to eat their vegetables, July 14 Nashua, N.H. Telegraph


“History tells us with modes of transportation, at some point with more and more use, the number of crashes declines.”

Siim Soot, professor emeritus in the Urban Transportation Center, on the decline in the number of Chicago-area bicycle crashes, July 12 ABC7 News


“It’s the notion of universities doing things and us doing things with universities, because they can’t do it alone, that helps us create the coalitions of place that we need to invest in Chicago.”

David Perry, professor of urban planning and policy, on the impact of universities on Chicago’s economy, July 10 WBEZ-FM “Curious City”


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