‘Sites of revolution and subversion’








“Art, art history, museums, are rarified elitist things historically. But they’ve also been sites of revolution and subversion. It’s just a matter of finding new ways of talking about and communicating that to people.”

Lisa Yun Lee, director of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, on the role of museums in society, Dec. 12 WBEZ-FM “Culture” blog


“The root of violence in Chicago today is in the desperate conditions in the black community and alienation of black youth, not some gang war that could be ended by suppression or negotiation.”

John Hagedorn, professor of criminology, law and justice, on Chicago’s rising homicide rate, Jan. 3 Reuters news service


“Even if they do help seal the deal, this is really not a good thing from the view of the country.”

Howard Wial, director of the Center for Urban Economic Development, on cities offering financial firms incentives to move from Manhattan, Dec. 13 Wall Street Journal


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