Quotable: bastions of history

Mikita Lee and Arthur Nishimoto discuss the proposal

Members of a UIC delegation to Washington, D.C., June 16 discuss the campus bid for the Obama Presidential Library with Yul Edwards, chief of staff to Rep. Danny Davis. Photo: Michael Bonfigli

“Presidential libraries advance universities’ mission of really being the bastions of history. The opportunities for teaching, for programming, are rich, to attract key players and to bring people in who might not have come to your campus before.”

Mary Case, university librarian and co-chair of the UIC committee working to bring the Obama Presidential Library to UIC, June 19 Times Higher Education


“They are becoming available all over the place, they are being marketed aggressively, and they are cheap compared to normal cigarettes. But in terms of policy, there’s been very little done to control [the market] to this point.”

Frank Chaloupka, professor of economics and director of the Health Policy Center, on the growing sales of e-cigarettes, June 17 Washington Post


“A loss of manufacturing has contributed to the decline of the middle class. People who are displaced from high-paying manufacturing jobs spend a long time unemployed, and when they take other jobs, those jobs generally pay substantially less.”

Howard Wial, executive director of the Center for Urban Economic Development, on the repercussions as American factories shut down, June 16 Aurora Sentinel 

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