Quotable: maintaining vacant lots

Philip Ashton

Philip Ashton, assistant professor of urban planning and policy. Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services

“When you say to someone, ‘Don’t look at this,’ the usual reaction is: ‘Oh, why not? Maybe I should see this for myself.'”

Steve Jones, professor of communication, on social media users urging others not to view or repost violent extremist-produced videos, Aug. 20 ABCNews


“It’s the real deal.”

Peter Doran, professor of earth and environmental scientist on the discovery of life in the extreme environment beneath subglacial lakes of Antarctica, Aug. 20 Los Angeles Times


“The bigger question here is, what happens next?”

Phil Ashton, associate professor of urban planning and policy, on the city’s plan to sell 322 vacant South Side lots to nearby homeowners and nonprofits who will maintain them and pay property taxes, Aug. 21 Crain’s Chicago Business

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