Reaching out



Jane Addams

Jane Addams. Photo: UIC Library Special Collections

“Jane Addams really reached out, and reached out to other ethnicities. She thought it would be helpful for people to assimilate but also hold on to their own traditions.”

David Sokol, professor emeritus of art history, curator of a show at Oakton Community College on the work of two artists who began their careers at Jane Addams Hull-House in the early 1900s, July 31 Lincolnwood Review


“How many companies would divide itself into three operating units, each with its own board of directors?”

Steve Schlickman, executive director of the Urban Transportation Center, on “How to Untangle the transit mess,” Aug. 5 Chicago Tribune


“In the end, you are the final link in the chain, the last person in line. I’ve told you what I heard: Now, it’s your turn.”

Review of “Whisper Down the Lane,” an exhibit now at Gallery 400, July 31 Chicago Tribune


“Hand hygiene is probably the single-most important factor to prevent any type of infection.”

Susan Bleasdale, medical director of infection prevention, on hand-washing in hospitals, Aug. 5

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