Review student activity in Blackboard courses

There are several ways to look at student activity in your Blackboard courses to check their progress. The Course Activity Overview report is probably the easiest way to get an overview of the overall activity within a single course, sorted by student and date. This report initially shows the hours spent in the course for each student. Clicking on individual students will show more granular data, such as how many times they logged in. You can quickly see which students have never logged in or those that have only spent a short time in the course. 

The full data includes the total and average time spent per active student and the total amount and type of activity each student had in the course. Optionally, you can filter the report by student. This and other course reports, along with other Blackboard tools such as the Retention Center and the Performance Dashboard, empower instructors to support students before they have to ask for help. You can see a quick summary of each of these reports here: 

Please note that if you use tools that are not part of Blackboard (e.g. Piazza, G Suite, etc.), that activity will not be reflected in the reports listed here. It is always recommended to set student success criteria during the design of your course to ensure you can easily see your students’ performance. 

The LTS instructional designers or instructional support staff in your college can help you evaluate your options and set up the proper tracking mechanisms. Contact for more information.

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