Right to marry

“The right to marry is very different from creating a society where people feel pressured to marry.”

Barbara Risman, professor and head of sociology, on the future of marriage, March 30 Salon.com


“If it heals, it generally is not a long term issue at all. He should do fine.”

Mark Hutchinson, director of sports medicine, on the injury sustained by Kevin Ware during the Louisville/ Duke game, April 1 RedEye


“Once you throw it together with something like Grumpy Cat it’s fun. But was this message intended to be fun?”

Steve Jones, distinguished professor of communication, on the widespread social media sharing and altering of the Human Rights Campaign’s red logo in support of gay marriage, March 28 Associated Press


“It will be remembered as one of the negative aspects of the Daley regime, along with a rubber-stamp City Council, failures to get the big projects (done) like a third airport.”

Dick Simpson, professor of political science, on the 10th anniversary of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley ordering the destruction of Meigs Field, March 31 Chicago Tribune


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