Save time and improve grading consistency with Gradescope

Gradescope is an online rubric-based grading tool that can speed up grading, improve grading consistency, and help instructors provide more meaningful feedback to students. 

Gradescope can be used for grading exams and quizzes with different question formats (multiple choice, text-based) as well as written assignments such as papers and essays. 

Creating rubrics in Gradescope is easy! Just start grading and create rubrics as you go! If at any point, a rubric is changed or adjusted, Gradescope will retroactively adjust the rubrics on previously graded assignments. There is no need to go back and grade each assignment again, leading to a reduction of errors and keeping grading consistent.

Gradescope also allows instructors to add comments or explanations to provide students with transparency and feedback. The grading by group feature will group similar answers and allow you to grade questions all at once – a real time saver! 

Gradescope is easy to use and available now in your Blackboard courses. To learn more about Gradescope, get tips and access previously recorded webinars, visit:

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