Says who?

Bing Liu

Bing Liu, professor of computer science. Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services (click on image for larger size)

“Online reviews will never completely be honest. But now the people writing them—and the companies selling them—will have to be more cautious.”

Bing Liu, professor of computer science, on a New York crackdown on fake online reviews, Sept. 25


“Living in Harlem, he saw that whenever blacks got into trouble, it was invariably the communists who were willing to defend them.”

John D’Emilio, professor of history and gender and women’s studies, on civil rights activist Bayard Ruskin, who was included in a list of top American communists, Sept. 26 Washington Post WonkBlog


“I am interested in shared authority, community curating — opening up the question of expertise … Community curating asks how you can also bring in the neighborhoods, which tend to tell different stories.”

Lisa Junkin, interim director of Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, on definitions of curating in the arts, Oct. 6 Chicago Tribune


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