Seasonal climate control transition in campus buildings

With warmer temperatures beginning to occur, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services has begun preparing campus buildings for summer weather.

“As temperatures fluctuate, there will be times when we are unable to evenly heat and cool our buildings in the same day,” said John Coronado, vice chancellor for administrative services. “Our current threshold for cooling buildings occurs when outdoor temperatures have been above 55 degrees for a week or more and nighttime temperatures are consistently above 40 degrees. This may result in cooler mornings and warmer afternoons in building spaces until we fully transition to air conditioning.”

Coronado added that OVCAS will transition to cooling mode in all campus buildings over a period of several days beginning this week. To learn more about how heating and cooling is managed in UIC buildings, visit the Energy Management in Existing Facilities website.

“We appreciate the campus community’s patience as we complete this semi-annual environmental shift,” Coronado said. “OVCAS will once again make every effort to keep indoor temperatures conducive to learning, teaching and working as our building systems allow.”

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