Settling into summer

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Meet my cat, Chairman Meow.


School’s over and summer break is here. I’m still having trouble switching from the frantic cramming and late-night food runs to waking up at respectable hours. At the same time, it still surprises me how quickly the school year passed. One day, I’m attending orientation and the next, I’m finishing up with finals and moving out of campus housing. Sometimes, it seems that the older I get the faster time passes by…although I’m not that old yet!

My name is Cammille, and I’m a rising sophomore majoring in biochemistry. Like most in my major, I’m considering a medicine as a career. It helps that I’m a member of the GPPA medicine, since that gives me a lot of flexibility in exploring options and hobbies. The program was one of the major reasons I chose UIC and I’m glad that I did in the end because of all the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had.

One of the best thing about college is that there are so many more opportunities compared to high school. Also since UIC is based in Chicago, so there’s the benefit of being able to explore the city as well. I’m from the suburbs, which is quite different from Chicago. Unfortunately, it means I sleep at weird hours during the school year. That’s one of the things I’m trying to get caught up on over the summer.

So, a little information about me. I’m one of those people who tries to get involved in anything and everything. At the same time, it means I meet lots of interesting people and find out more about my interests. Some of the best things that I’ve done last year was joining EVO dance troupe and participating in the Asian American Mentoring Program (AAMP). They were both things that I think I’d never would have done before this year, but I thought, “Hey, why not try it out and see what happens?”

On a more personal level, there are few things I adore more in the world than my cat, Chairman Meow. My sister was actually the one who came up with the pun, so she’ll have to receive the credit for the name. During the school year, I was always a little homesick for my cat. That’s because growing up, my siblings and I were always those people who wanted a cat. Whenever my mother asked us what we wanted from the store, we’d always jokingly say, “A cat!” And just last year, the miracle happened. A family didn’t want their cat anymore and gave him to us. It’s a little sad, but it’s our gain in the end. Chairman Meow adores my mother. He follows her around constantly and complains when she ignores him. Me, on the other hand, he loathes. Ah, the wonderful logic of cats. I don’t think anyone actually understands how they work.


Cammille Go

Cammille Go is a sophomore majoring in biochemistry as part of the GPPA Medicine program. She hopes to become a physician in the future but is open to exploring other personal interests, especially in the humanities and arts. Her superpower is somehow finding a way to getting excited about anything and everything. In her free time, which is often nonexistent, she enjoys dancing, making jewelry and graphic design.

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