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“Look Up” by Daria Orlowska, from last year’s Red Shoes Review.

“Look Up” by Daria Orlowska, from last year’s Red Shoes Review.

By Matt O’Connor

In any field, getting your work published is a great way to gain exposure and build an impressive résumé.

Students can see their work in print in a student-run magazine, the Red Shoes Review literary and arts magazine. The magazine is accepting student submissions — whether it be writing labored over for hours or a drawing sketched spontaneously.

The magazine, sponsored by the Honors College, was established in 1970s, quickly faded out, then made its return about 10 years ago.

Current editors-in-chief Brian Glowienke and Brian Reese want to give the magazine a new look.

“We’ve taken it upon ourselves to give it a newer and fresher image,” said Glowienke, a senior in English and anthropology. “Last year there was a very small presence and awareness about the Red Shoes Review.

“This year is more about shifting and changing and having a solid magazine with a solid connection and being able to hand it down to sophomores and juniors so that they can take it and continue it.”

Students can send submissions until the end of the semester The magazine publishes in spring.

Pieces that best fit this year’s theme — “Persistence of Memory” — will be chosen for publication. Having your work critiqued may be intimidating, but the revamped magazine is looking for any and all submissions.

“We’re not looking for T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, we’re looking for a note he scribbled and threw away, something we can take and make into a poem, that the poet and editors are content with,” Glowienke said.

“Even if it’s a poem you scribbled down in class or at home, you’re feeling some emotion, send it out and don’t be afraid to have your work out there.”

English majors especially are encouraged to submit work.

“We’re reaching out to the English community because they don’t really have a club or anywhere for them to talk about stuff like this or have their work published,” Glowienke said.

Read last year’s issue online.

• Matt O’Connor is a junior in English

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