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VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia learning tool that fosters student engagement and promotes collaborative knowledge development. UIC instructors and students spent a combined 42,476 hours using VoiceThread in the Spring 2021 semester alone, making it an incredibly popular tool in the UIC learning community. Now, VoiceThread has become more accessible to all UIC faculty and students with the reboot of VoiceThread Universal.

Designed for full use with screen readers, VoiceThread Universal is an HTML version of VoiceThread designed for people who use a screen reader to access content on the web. Websites designed for a visual experience can be difficult to use with screen readers because there is a great deal of extra information. Designed to be heard rather than seen, VoiceThread Universal’s clean interface and clear instructions make using it with screen readers a better experience. VoiceThread users who rely on VoiceThread Universal now no longer need to swap to the standard version to share their VoiceThreads for collaboration, as the two interfaces have been streamlined into one fully accessible experience.

How Do I Access VoiceThread Universal?

There are two ways to access VoiceThread Universal:

  1. If you’re using the standard VoiceThread site, click on “Universal” at the bottom of the VT Home page, or
  2. Enter into your address bar

Visit VoiceThread Universal for Screen Readers to get started.

To learn more about using VoiceThread, including the new Assignments feature, register for our upcoming VoiceThread Webinar, Wednesday Sept 15th at 1 pm.

If you have any questions regarding the use of VoiceThread or any other educational technology, request an appointment with one of CATE’s instructional designers or contact CATE Support staff at

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