Solar power

quotable“The reflection of sun is getting concentrated to a single point because of the shape. We use that exactly to generate power from solar energy.”

Kheir Al-Kodmany, associate professor of urban planning and policy, on the phenomenon of a car being melted by a London skyscraper with a curved glass southern wall that concentrated the reflected rays of the sun, Sept. 4 Popular Science


“He could have appointed other people who were more machine-type politicians. In this appointment, he chose among the best of the good-government representatives.”

Dick Simpson, professor of political science, on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s selection of former alderman Martin Oberman to serve on the Metra board of directors, Sept. 9 Chicago Tribune


“Peasants tend not to do what you expect them to do.”

Michal Wilczewski, doctoral candidate in history who received a Fulbright grant, on his research on the social conditions of rural Poland in the aftermath of World War I, Aug. 29 Times Newsweekly

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