Spring 2023 U-PASS

Dear UIC students:

The Spring 2023 CTA U-PASS program will be similar to the fall semester. All students that set their opt-in status in the fall 2022 semester will have that status carried over to the spring 2023 semester. Students that did not change their status in the fall will remain at the default status of opt-out. We encourage all students to review their current status to confirm it is set correctly here. If you do not wish to utilize the U-PASS benefit, there is no action to take.

For spring 2023, the CTA U-PASS will be available for any student (undergraduate/professional/graduate) taking six or more credits.

  • The Spring U-PASS will be active from Jan. 4–May 10 (dates for the College of Medicine are Dec. 29-Apr. 27, and the College of Dentistry is Dec. 28-May 3).
  • The deadline to opt-in for the Spring U-PASS is Jan. 29, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.
  • After Jan. 29, the status cannot change for the duration of the spring semester.
  • Students who drop below part-time status prior to the add/drop deadline will have their U-PASS deactivated.
  • A mandatory fee of $163 ($175 for College of Medicine) will be applied to student accounts after the start date and is nonrefundable after the deadline.
  • Students that opt-out may see the U-PASS fee assessed on their university bill, but that charge will be reversed within 7-10 business days. (There will be no fee removed if students opt-out before the fee is assessed to the student account.)

Confirm or make changes to your status for the Spring 2023 U-PASS benefit online. Students obtaining a new U-PASS for Spring 2023 may request delivery at the same link. For students with existing U-PASS cards, the standard policies on lost/replacement cards will still be enforced.


Rob Dixon
Interim Vice Chancellor and Vice Provost for Student Affairs

For more information, please contact:
UIC ID Center

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