Statement of Economic Interests filing

Certain employees are required to file a Statement of Economics Interests form with the Secretary of State no later than May 2, 2022, or be subject to late-filing fees and or penalties. The form has changed this year and includes a new question #1: “If you have any single asset that was worth more than $10,000 as of the end of the preceding calendar year and is held in, or payable to, your name, held jointly by, or payable to, you with your spouse, or held jointly by, or payable to, you with your minor child, list such assets below. In the case of investment real estate, list the city and state where the investment real estate is located. If you do not have any such assets, list “none” below.”

Items typically listed under assets include:

  • Any single block of stock, public bonds or commodity futures worth $10,000 or more in one company (name only — not the amount).
  • Investment real estate, farmland and rental property (other than your personal residence — list the city and state only).
  • Sector mutual and sector exchange traded fund — funds of more than $10,000 invested in a particular industry — or business beneficial interests in trusts.
  • Business interests.
  • Partnership interests.

You do not need to list savings/checking accounts, CDs, notes/bonds/securities issued by a government entity, college savings plans that qualify as tuition plans, Medicare benefits, inheritances and bequests (other than beneficial interests in trusts), tangible personal property, retirement accounts, diversified investment funds, or personal residences and vehicles.

More information to assist filers can be found online.


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