Stay safe, use the crosswalk


The Peoria Street walkway provides a safe place for pedestrians to cross. Photo: Vibhu S. Rangavasan

As the weather warms up, campus community members and visitors on Harrison Street are reminded to stay safe by using the Peoria Street crosswalk and following traffic control signals.

Three marked walkways — which lead pedestrians from CTA Blue Line stops near Morgan, Racine and the Peoria Street Bridge — exist on Harrison Street. In 2014, university leaders consolidated them into one designated crosswalk near the Peoria Street Bridge to help regulate heavy pedestrian traffic in that area.

“The problem was that three walkways within a 300-foot-span was confusing for drivers and dangerous for pedestrians,” said Michael Landek, executive associate vice chancellor for administrative services, who said that nearly 6,000 people use the Peoria crosswalk every day.

Sanctioned by the city, the Peoria Street walkway provides a safe area for students, staff, faculty and visitors to travel to and from campus. The crosswalk includes walk and don’t walk signals, which pedestrians should always follow, and a set of traffic lights for motorists.

“The signals take precedence for vehicles and pedestrians,” Landek said, but everyone is encouraged to act appropriately and responsibly: motorists should be mindful of pedestrians, and pedestrians should always be aware of their surroundings.

“If everyone abides by the rules, it’s much safer,” he said.

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