Student shares research findings from trip to Bolivia

By Chris Deegan

Cristian Yugsi, a sociology major who did study abroad in Bolivia last year, will present research based on his work in South America at the fifth annual Human Development Conference at the University of Notre Dame this weekend.

Yugsi’s research, “Exploring the Bolivian Educational Rupture,” explores Bolivian educational policies from 1900 to the present and focuses on the division between urban and rural education.

Yugsi studied in La Paz, Bolivia, in fall 2011 at the School for International Training. The program, Latin American Revolutionary Movements and Conflict Resolution, explores the political, social and economic dynamics shaping Latin America’s revolutionary movements. The semester ends with a four-week undergraduate research project.
Yugsi won $7,000 in scholarships to study abroad, including a Gilman International Scholarship and the UIC-SIT Diversity Fund award. He was selected as an SIT student ambassador for his program and attended a professional development training program at SIT’s main campus in Vermont.

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