Students find their niche at Involvement Fair

2016_01_Involvement Fair

UIC student academic and cultural organizations, Greek life and student service departments showcase what they have to offer at the Winter Involvment Fair. — Photo: Libby Goldrick

Whether you’re a transfer student, a senior in the final weeks of your college career, or just looking for a place to foster a newfound fascination, UIC offers hundreds of student organizations where you can find your niche on campus.

UIC student groups and student service departments showcased what they had to offer last week at the Winter Involvement Fair. Students can find student groups that suit their interests online through the UIC Connection website, which also provides a list of upcoming events sponsored by UIC Campus Programs.

Organizations ranged from academic and cultural groups to student service departments and Greek organizations. Group representatives emphasized a “more the merrier” attitude toward prospective members and stressed the flexibility of meeting schedules and time commitment.

Jacob Cayia was at the Involvement Fair representing Platypus Affiliated Society, a group that focuses on the Marxian Left.

“It deepened my understanding of history and how I digest current events,” said Cayia, a 2013 UIC graduate.

For students who work and go to classes, extracurricular activities can appear too time-consuming. But it’s not, said Sam Dreyer, member of the Biomedical Engineering Society.

“If the will is there, it’s always accomplishable,” he said.

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