Study Cities in Spring 2018 – UIC Urban Studies

The UIC Urban Studies program offers classes, minors, and a degree where students study cities to develop the skills and knowledge to understand complex urban issues in order to transform cities post-graduation.

The following classes are available for the Spring 2018 semester:

US 130. Principles of Urban Sustainability.
Introduces students to fundamental principles, interdisciplinary approaches, historical trends, policies and planning programs that promote sustainability in urban regions. US Society course

US 202. Planning Great Cities.
What makes a city great, how cities change, can cities be planned, and how planners plan; characteristics of Great Cities and current urban planning issues. US Society course.

US 230. Practices for Sustainable Cities
Provides an introduction to topical issues of sustainable urban development and surveys emerging sustainability practices. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing or above; or consent of the instructor. Recommended background: Grade of C or better in US 130.

US 361. Intro to Geographic Info. Systems
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) adds spatial analysis and communication to the critical thinking toolbox. This course, the first in a two semester sequence, introduces students to basic GIS data concepts and map making techniques. Course Information: Extensive computer use required. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing or above. Recommended background: Grade of C or better or concurrent registration in US 100

US 390. Sustainability Internship
Provides an intellectual framework for students to apply classroom learning to hands-on project-based internships that advance the overall mission of greater social, economic and environmental sustainability in the campus community. Course Information: Same as PUBH 390. Students will be placed in internships with UIC departments and units for approximately 8 hours per week. Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in US 130; or Grade of C or better in PHYS 116. Open only to sophomores, juniors, and seniors; or consent of the instructor.

UPP 403. Intro to Urban Planning.
Patterns of city growth, physical, socio-economic, and environmental issues. Contemporary planning issues. Future of cities. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite(s): Advanced undergraduate standing or consent of the instructor.

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