Quotable: adventures in anthropology

Bridget Hansen

Bridget Hansen, an Honors College student who will study in Oman this summer. Photo: Renee Ronzone

“I always wanted to travel, to have adventures. Most people that love anthropology will tell you the same sort of thing, that they watched Indiana Jones and Brendan Fraser in ‘The Mummy,’ and they wanted to have adventures.”

Bridget Hansen, Honors College major in anthropology and history, who will spend this summer in Oman through a State Department Scholarship, April 24 Northwest Herald


“The end result is trying to manipulate popular support to get re-elected. If people don’t like Rahm, this just confirms why they don’t like him. And if they do like him, they expect it of him.”

Dick Simpson, professor of political science, on the involvement of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s staff in the production of CNN’s documentary “Chicagoland,” April 25 Chicago Sun-Times


“It is really fast to turn everything upside down.”

Timothy Keiderling, professor of chemistry, who is considering retirement because of an unexpected provision of the new state pension law, April 29 Chicago Tribune

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