Summer Institute for Flames Flex Teaching – creating equity and inclusion

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The Summer Institute for Online Teaching had a well-attended kick-off in May with two informative days of synchronous sessions. Starting June 1, 2021, though, it will continue in a format analogous to a flipped course, with asynchronous learning modules available through Blackboard Ultra, paired with optional online discussion forums and optional synchronous sessions facilitated by the CATE team.

To help instructors plan for fall 2021 instruction, these online discussions and synchronous sessions will enable instructors to apply the principles learned in the asynchronous modules, consider pedagogical questions, and reflect on instructional ideas that may be specific to a particular discipline, course level, class size and/or modality of instruction.

The first of five modules focuses on creating equity and inclusion in your classroom, regardless of the delivery mode. You may self-enroll in the Blackboard site with your UIC credentials. Enrollment is open now at

Please note that when you click on the link, you may navigate to a page telling you “access denied.” Just click the ‘log in’ button on the right and you will navigate to a login page, where you may use your UIC credentials to log into the site. From the Self Enrollment page, simply click “Submit.” The first module will be available starting June 1.

Summer Institute Modules

Module 1: Creating Equity and Inclusion
Explore the principles of inclusive pedagogy and learn how to apply them in Flames Flex learning environments.

Module 2: Enhancing Student Engagement
Identify ways to implement learning activities in your course that increase student interaction and engagement.

Module 3: Creating a Learning Community
Foster student success by creating a supportive community for students to succeed in your course.

Module 4: Implementing Authentic Assessment
Create meaningful and significant measurements of student learning and mastery of course learning goals.

Module 5: Leveraging Technology
Choose specific technology to create a student-centered learning environment that also suits your teaching needs.

Note: If you do not yet have a NetID, but will be teaching at UIC this fall, you must first complete a form with requested information. You will then be issued a University Identification Number (UIN) that CATE will use to create your NetID so that you may self-enroll in the Blackboard site. You will be assigned a Blackboard site for your own course once your hiring department adds you as the instructor of record in Banner. FUTURE UIC Instructors can REQUEST A  NetID FOR SUMMER INSTITUTE REGISTRATION

To learn more about UIC teaching in Fall 2021, visit

For questions, contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) at

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