In the news: Chicago archbishop, pope on the same page



“I think Archbishop Cupich is on the same page with the pontiff on the need to protect the dignity of working people.”

Ralph Keen, professor of history and Schmitt chair of Catholic studies, on Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich’s recent speech in support of labor unions and immigrant rights, Sept. 17 Chicago Sun-Times



“Gang membership intensifies in prison. (Convicts who are released) bring that prison mentality back to the streets with them. That’s what they know. They’ll use those lessons to control the streets.”

John Hagedorn, professor of criminology, law and justice, on a Cleveland gang leader scheduled to be released from prison in November, Sept. 17 Cleveland Plain Dealer



“That’s why it’s so scary: It happens so quick.”

Joseph Colla, emergency physician at UI Health, on a local man who died of a severe reaction to a bee sting, an allergy he was unaware of, Sept. 17 Chicago Tribune


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