All Antarctica

Hilary Dugan next to an Air Force plane in Antarctica

August 26, 2014

Surviving extreme conditions, 40 degrees below zero

Doctoral student Hilary Dugan studies life in Antarctica

students walking on campus with snow

January 28, 2014

Another visit to Chiberia

Polar vortex brings cold Arctic air south

Peter Doran pulling his supplies on a sled behind him

January 28, 2014

Chicago’s temperatures colder than Antarctica

Polar vortex pushes subzero temperatures from Earth’s poles, scientist says

Peter Doran (from left), Christian Fritsen and Jay Kyne

December 5, 2012

Ancient microbes in ice-sealed Antarctic lake

Scientists discovered abundant, diverse bacteria in an Antarctic lake under more than 65 feet of ice.

November 26, 2012

UIC Scientists Find Ancient Microbes in Salty, Ice-Sealed Antarctic Lake

Shedding light on the limits of life in extreme environments, scientists have discovered abundant and diverse metabolically active bacteria in the brine of an Antarctic lake sealed under more than 65 feet of ice.