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Sharon Oiga

April 28, 2015

Finding a common ground with students

Silver Circle winner Sharon Oiga received her undergrad degree from UIC

Victor Margolin

April 7, 2015

‘World History of Design’ presented at UIC

First two of three volumes on design history

Clint Borucki

March 3, 2015

Need a monster? A giant tube of toothpaste? He can build it

UIC design grad makes models, props and prototypes

February 24, 2015

Crowdsourcing brings students’ design ideas to life

Industrial designers’ projects merge art, engineering, business

New UIC banners with new logos.

December 2, 2014

Students’ design brings new look to UIC identity

Latest logos reflect history and future of as an urban campus

Airdrop illustration

July 28, 2014

Design grad wins award with stylish solutions to common problems

Wet feet? Dirty air? Award-winning products to the rescue

Lori Felker and student

April 29, 2014

Teacher, moviemaker finds direction in film studies

Silver Circle winner Lori Felker stresses communication, collaboration

Hand drawing UIC logo

March 25, 2014

Design students’ legacy: a new UIC identity

Seniors present ideas for new logo to reflect vibrancy of campus

"Thank you for doing something nice today" card

January 14, 2014

Design students launch products on Kickstarter

‘The focus is on how to be an entrepreneur on the side’

Steve Everett

October 29, 2013

College’s reorganization creates new synergies

College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts now includes four schools

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