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Christopher Kooy

December 6, 2017

Honor del Departamento de Estado vuelve ‘sueƱo en una realidad’ Para Estudiante

Estudiante Gana Beca Prestigiosa Para Estudios Internacionales

Christopher Kooy

December 6, 2017

State Dept. honor turns student’s ‘dream into a reality’

Honors College student wins Rangel graduate fellowship for international studies

Jinit Desai

June 9, 2015

Two grads win State Department scholarship before medical school

Alumni picked for awards supporting intensive foreign language study

Hugh Vondracek

May 5, 2014

Riddle Prize-winning student has passion for politics

‘I like learning about and trying to understand how the world works’

Stack of books in front of a world map

April 7, 2014

Two UIC students awarded State Dept. scholarships

Honors College students spend summer in India, Oman

Osamah Hasan

April 30, 2013

Three students win State Dept scholarships

UIC Honors College students to boost global language skills