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July 12, 2017

Drug delivered during CPR may improve survival for heart attack

Mimics effects of therapeutic cooling

Illinois Heart Rescue

June 13, 2017

Learn CPR before Sox game

Free training session June 14

Illinois Heart Rescue

June 12, 2017

Learn CPR before Sox game June 14

Learn how to save lives

Man practices CPR on a dummy;
Illinois Heart Rescue

September 2, 2015

Teaching CPR to 700,000 Illinois high school students

Illinois Heart Rescue provides toolkits to save lives

Illinois Heart Rescue

August 28, 2015

Group provides CPR training kits to all Illinois high schools

Kits will go to high school teachers to teach life-saving methods to students

July 14, 2015

Learn CPR before Chicago Fire game July 15

Learn how to save a life