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July 27, 2021

Epidemiology project characterizes injuries from civilian-law enforcement interactions

Law Enforcement Epidemiology Project publishes second report

police officers wearing colored safety vests

January 28, 2016

Clashes with cops more injurious than civilian-only skirmishes

40 percent hospitalized had mental illness

Mike Jones and senior student running on a treadmill behind him

February 10, 2015

Kinesiology researcher wants to keep runners on track

The goal: reduced injury, improved treatments

Physical therapy professor Alexander Aruin

January 9, 2015

Playing catch can improve balance, prevent falls in older adults

Research finds improvement after exercises with weighted medicine ball

Beer glass

June 5, 2014

Alcohol may protect trauma patients from later complications

Intoxication seems to have ‘substantial protective effect’

Clive Pai

April 15, 2014

Prevent injuries by teaching people to fall, or not to fall

Researchers developing treadmill program for physical therapy

Clive Pai

March 20, 2014

Can treadmill help seniors avoid falls?

Research aims to move fall prevention into the clinic

November 19, 2012

Alcohol Provides Protective Effect, Reduces Mortality Substantially After Injury

Injured patients were less likely to die in the hospital if they had alcohol in their blood, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health — and the more alcohol, the more likely they were to survive.

October 11, 2012

White Construction Workers in Illinois Get Higher Workers’ Comp Settlements: Study

White non-Hispanic construction workers are awarded higher workers’ compensation settlements […]