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March 19, 2021

A ‘Match’-making moment for medical students

170 UIC students learn residency placements during Match Day event

Match Day 2019

March 18, 2019

Future physicians meet their match

On Match Day, fourth-year medical students learn where they will complete residency programs

December 1, 2015

Medical classroom renovations link past, present, future

Former operating theater modernized for medical residency education

March 24, 2015

Match Day brings good news for UIC medical students

Med students nationwide learn residency placements at 11 a.m. same day

Smiling woman hugging friend

March 25, 2014

In annual ritual, they meet their match

Medical students celebrate together as they learn residency placements

Students on Match Day

March 19, 2013

Medical students meet their match

More than 160 UIC medical students learned their fate: where they will train for their medical residency.

students hugging after getting their med school matches

March 11, 2013

Match Day at UIC

March 15 is a big day for fourth-year students in the College of Medicine.