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Brenda Parker

April 28, 2015

Exploring human geography

Silver Circle winner Brenda Parker specializes in interplay between physical space, social relations

Joseph Hummel

April 28, 2015

Explaining the language of computers

Silver Circle winner Joseph Hummel uses technology to get students involved

John Ireland

April 28, 2015

French literature as a crucible

‘Intelligence is the demand we make of ourselves to think further,’ says Silver Circle winner John Ireland

Janet Yueh-Yun Lin

March 18, 2014

Award for Teaching Excellence honors some of UIC’s best

Winners selected by those who know – past recipients

Ludwig Nitsche

March 18, 2014

Math is fun, like making your own Legos

Award-winning teacher Ludwig Nische helps students reach their potential

Carol Myford

March 18, 2014

Fair, accurate testing meets the mark

Award-winning teacher Carol Myford helps students meet learning goals

Janet Yueh-Yun Lin

March 18, 2014

Overseas and at home, partnerships are key

Award-winning teacher Janet Lin improves health care around the globe

Ronald Pavone, Silver Circle winner

April 30, 2013

2013 Silver Circle Awards: Ronald Pavone

For Ronald Pavone, teaching students in psychology and statistics how to learn is just as important as teaching them what to learn.

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