Take time for yourself

IMG_20170306_210824_773College, classes, exams, life. It can get the best of us. How many times have we come home and felt completely drained from the day? Way too often to count. Do you ever feel yourself dozing off after 3 p.m.? Or not having enough energy to even finish the day? Those are all signs that you need a breather. But who can remember to take an hour — or even five minutes — to themselves when the world around us is constantly moving? Just because you feel like you need to hustle 24/7 doesn’t mean “me time” doesn’t exist. So, grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and read on for some tips to keep yourself at ease.

Life is way too short to stress about every single thing. Sure, it feels like we need to be constantly thinking about school or work but in reality, that isn’t beneficial to you.

What is the point of going to work if you’re physically and mentally tired? Think about it. Are you going to give it all you’re all at work when you’re deprived of sleep? The answer is most likely not, and trust me, your boss can see right through you when you are a tired, sleepless mess. No amount of caffeine can help you push through work or studying, no matter how much you drink. So create a nightly routine where you can ease your mind into a state of calm. It’s going to be different for everyone, but do whatever is effective for you. For me, it’s always making myself a warm cup of tea, journaling and listening to music. If I don’t do those three small things, I feel like my routine is ruined.

Consistency is key — pick a day of the week, and start small. Once you get in a routine of doing that special thing on that specific night, it won’t feel like a chore, instead it’s going to be something you look forward to.

Why is it that we have time to study, worry or check our social media, but taking five minutes to relax seems like the hardest thing to do? Taking time for yourself sounds simple enough, but for some reason we always neglect to do that. Hang out with friends, or go to the gym. Whatever you chose to do, pick something you enjoy and incorporate it into your daily routine. I promise you, you will feel more at ease, relaxed and hopefully a little bit more “zen.” And in a world of busy schedules and hectic times, taking a little time for yourself never hurts anyone!


Brigita KanclerisBrigita Kancleris is a sophomore majoring in English. When she isn’t busy being part of SAB and CHAARG on campus, she will usually be writing down ideas for her next piece. She wants to be a travel editor so she can share her experiences and turn them into works for everyone to read. She enjoys skiing, traveling and all things winter. Did we mention how much she loves tea (like obsessed)? Watch out UIC, this Lithuanian will stop at nothing to reach her dreams!

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