Taking a stand

John D'Emilio

John D’Emilio, professor of gender and women’s studies and history. UIC Photo Services

“It’s an ideological wave. [Politicians] try to argue that privatization is about sheer dollars and sense, that it’s cost benefit analysis. That’s hogwash.”

Evan McKenzie, associate professor of political science, on the privatization of city assets and services, Sept. 20 Salon.com


“The policy implication is not that we should reduce liquor stores.”

Robert Kaestner, professor of economics, on the validity of a Northwestern University study linking gun violence to liquor stores, Sept. 19 Crain’s Chicago Business


“Whenever a mainstream institution takes a stand on something, whether it be black studies or women’s studies or gay and lesbian studies, it is a statement of legitimacy and recognition.”

John D’Emilio, professor of gender and women’s studies and history, about a new project led by the University of North Carolina-Charlotte library to archive the history of Charlotte’s LGBT community, Sept. 23 Charlotte Observer


“It is a big concern when you have people who are both distracted and involved in a platoon type of behavior, like large groups of pedestrians getting off of trains and crossing tracks.”

Paul Metaxato, research assistant professor in the Urban Transportation Center, on a study of risky railroad crossing behavior by pedestrians and cyclists, Sept. 23 Chicago Tribune

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