Teaching guide on collecting student feedback

Drawing of a man and woman using magnifying glasses and looking at computer screen.

As an instructor, how do you know if your teaching methods are effective in engaging students and supporting their learning? Collecting student feedback on your teaching is one way to assess the impact of your teaching and use data to inform improvements to your teaching. The CATE team is developing new online resources, Teaching Guides, to provide evidence-based practices, in-depth examples and actionable steps to enhancing your teaching.

In this teaching guide on Student Feedback, you will learn about the benefits of leveraging student feedback collected throughout the semester to enhance your teaching, how to set up your classroom climate to be conducive to gathering feedback, and strategies and tools to collect, analyze, and respond to student feedback.

The Teaching Guides span a variety of topics and provide guidance on how to implement various techniques in different disciplines, course sizes and course modalities. They are organized under the following categories:

If you have any questions about the teaching guides, please e-mail CATE at teaching@uic.edu.

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