To our graduates

Chancellor Michael Amiridis

“I am extremely proud of you and congratulate you on your momentous accomplishment,” says UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis.

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Dear graduates,

It started as an ember as you arrived on campus. A spark inside of you was ignited to learn and experience new things during your time at UIC. Now, as you are leaving campus with your diploma in hand, that ember – that new knowledge you obtained – has turned into a bright, burning flame.

We are happy you chose UIC to continue your education and you are now a member of our alumni family — over 250,000 strong, with more than 170,000 in the Chicagoland area. You just graduated from one of the top 100 universities in America and one that is ranked in the top 200 globally. Money Magazine recently recognized UIC for providing an outstanding education at an affordable price. And the U.S. Department of Education reports that UIC graduates earn more on average than graduates from other universities. We hope that trend continues with you.

You worked hard to earn your degree, spending many long hours inside classrooms, in labs, and in the community. Our goal is to have well-rounded students, and we want to provide you with learning experiences outside the hallowed halls as well. We hope you took advantage of many of our extracurricular offerings – UIC’s culturally diverse student groups, and events such as LOL@UIC, UIC ENGAGE or Spark in the Park.

You’ve experienced many changes in your life while at UIC. And we’ve been changing as well. We have a newly renovated Library of the Health Sciences, more active learning classrooms on campus and initiatives to enhance the student experience.

On our website, we included a long bucket list of recommended things to accomplish during your time at UIC – seeing a play at UIC Theatre, joining a club or making snow angels on campus during winter. The last item, in all capital letters, is GRADUATE. That is the most important item on the list, and you can now mark that off. For that, I am extremely proud of you and congratulate you on your momentous accomplishment.

Michael Amiridis


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