Tool allows UIC community to report incidents of bias

Text says "Bias Reporting Tool"

The UIC Bias Reporting Tool provides an outlet for students, faculty and staff to anonymously report incidents of bias that occur within the UIC community. The tool, first piloted in 2020, is not a replacement for reporting violations of discrimination and harassment under the Non-Discrimination Policy, but it is a supplement to the policy with additional opportunities for education, training and services.

“As acknowledged in UIC’s Diversity Strategic Plan, we cannot take meaningful action towards building an inclusive climate without also addressing the biases and prejudices that may be present in our community,” said Jessica Joslin, director of the UIC Dialogue Initiative and Diversity Education.

This includes providing a safe space for all members at UIC to report incidents of bias and having the opportunity to voice their concerns.

“This tool is designed to help students, faculty and staff share experiences with bias so that UIC can support its community and better understand the complex needs and challenges facing our campus community,” Joslin said.

Reports will be reviewed by members of the Bias Response Team, which includes staff from the Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity and the Office for Access and Equity. 

To read about incidents reported and responses taken over this past year, view the first annual report

 “Between April 2020-April 2021, 43 individual reports have already been received through the Bias Tool — this tool is helping UIC collect data and review trends of bias incidents but also helping to support members of the UIC community who have been impacted by these bias incidents,” Joslin said.

The Bias Response Team does not conduct investigations or impose discipline; however, individual reports may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students or the Office for Access and Equity, as these units do conduct investigations.

Formal complaints of discrimination and harassment can be made to the Office for Access and Equity at or 312-996-8670. The complaints will be reviewed under UIC’s Non-Discrimination Policy.

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